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147.045MHz – W4LBT

We’re very interested in people’s experiences in using our repeater, both coverage and accessibility. The antenna is positioned in such a way as to offer extremely wide coverage in the Coastal Plain and Sandhills of North Carolina, and North-Central and Northeastern South Carolina.

The W4LBT (club call) repeater on 147.045 MHz, is owned and operated jointly by the Robeson County Amateur Radio Society and the Piedmont Coastal Repeater Network .  It is provided for your enjoyment and emergency purposes.  Both ARES and SKYWARN nets, and the Southeastern North Carolina Traffic Net utilize this repeater.  Please help support this vital repeater in Southeastern North Carolina.

Our repeater W4LBT is at 147.045 MHz (+) no tone, on the UNC-TV 31 Tower just north of Lumberton, NC. The tower is 1000 feet with the repeater antenna located at 835 feet!! The new equipment went online May 7, 1997. It is linkable with The Piedmont-Coastal Repeater Network (PCRN) for members of the group who have the prerequisite codes.   If you are not a member of PCRN we urge you to join today!

147.360MHz – W4LBT

We are pleased to announced the W4LBT repeater, 147.360 MHz,(+ pl 82.5), our primary back-up repeater is operational!  The repeater is new and was built by Danny Hampton, K4ITL.  The feel lines from the antenna to the repeater were also replaced.  Coverage is very good and has been heard from Burgaw in the East to Conway in the South, Kinston in the North and Rockingham in the West!!

224.920MHz – K4TH

The newest repeater in Robeson County, North Carolina is K4TH on 224.920 MHz(-).  Sponsored by the Coastal Carolinas Health Alliance (CCHA) in Wilmington.  The new team is called CARES, for Carolinas Amateur Radio Emergency Services. The purpose of CARES is to ensure that the public’s health needs are addressed in times of crisis. CARES will work in concert with other ARES and RACES efforts.


W4LBT-9 WIDE DIGIPEATER IN LUMBER BRIDGE NC has a Kantronics KPC3+ TNC and a new GE Delta, 100 watt Radio.

Steve Koone, KA4YMY donated the Kantronics KPC3+ TNC.  The TNC has all the latest APRS operating firmware installed.

The 144.390 W4LBT-9 RCARS APRS digipeater was placed in operation on Saturday November 17, 2007 at around 3 PM.  This digipeater covers a large area that has been void for a while and we’re sure those who operate APRS will be pleased to see it up and running.

This digipeater is a real workhorse for APRS and packet in Southeastern North Carolina.  Located on the Channel 62 tower in Lumber Bridge NC. 

Danny Hampton

Repeater Agreement

Inasmuch as it is the desire of Danny Hampton of Wake County, North Carolina, and James B. MacLeod of Robeson County, North Carolina, to build and erect a radio repeater, they have agreed together on the following terms and conditions whereby the radio repeater shall be maintained and operated.


    (1)  The repeater is to be operated in the two meter amateur radio band on a frequency determined and set by the coordinator of the Southeastern Repeater Association (SERA), in compliance with all  law and the rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission.

    (2)  The repeater is to be located and housed on the site of Channel 31 PBS television transmitter facility located in northern Robeson County, North Carolina.

    (3)  The repeater will be operated in such a proper manner as to cause no inconvenience to the function of Channel 31 television transmitting equipment.


    (1)  The primary purpose for the building and erection of this repeater is to afford additional means of communication which are to be placed at the disposal of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, (ARES) in the event of emergency or disaster 

    (2)  Further implementation of such public service is to be realized by having this repeater function as a fully participating member of the Piedmont-Coastal Repeater Network (PCRN).  As a member of the Piedmont-Coastal Repeater Network this repeater will operate within the guidelines established by that organization.

    (3)  The repeater will be used for the purpose of training amateur radio operators in emergency operation by the use of drills and tests.

    (4)  Although of lesser importance than public service, the repeater will also be used for the general enjoyment of amateur radio operation.


    (1)  It is understood by both Danny Hampton and James B. MacLeod that property and equipment contributed by either one for the establishment of this repeater remains the property of that person, or the property of the organization which he represents holding title to that equipment.

    (2) Neither the ownership nor control of the repeater, either in its entirely or its several parts, may be transferred by any means whatsoever to any third party without the approval of both Danny Hampton and James B. MacLeod so long as this agreement is in effect.

    (3)  The trustee of the repeater, responsible to the Federal Communications Commission for its legal operation, shall be a licensed amateur radio operator agreed upon by both Danny Hampton and James B. MacLeod.

    (4)  Control operators of the repeater shall be appointed by the trustee of the repeater and will serve as control operators until removed from such duty by the trustee or by the agreement of both Danny Hampton and James B. MacLeod.


    (1)  In the event of the death of either of the parties to this agreement the person designated by will or other proper instrument of the deceased shall take his place, and in all particulars conform to this agreement.


    (1)  This agreement can be declared dissolved by either party following notice being given thereof one week in advance.  The period of advance notice can be waived on the agreement of both parties.

    (2)  Following the dissolution of this agreement the various pieces of equipment and materials used to establish this repeater shall return to the original owners in compliance with 3.(2) above.