147.045MHz – W4LBT

We’re very interested in people’s experiences in using our repeater, both coverage and accessibility. The antenna is positioned in such a way as to offer extremely wide coverage in the Coastal Plain and Sandhills of North Carolina, and North-Central and Northeastern South Carolina.

The W4LBT (club call) repeater on 147.045 MHz, is owned and operated jointly by the Robeson County Amateur Radio Society and the Piedmont Coastal Repeater Network .  It is provided for your enjoyment and emergency purposes.  Both ARES and SKYWARN nets, and the Southeastern North Carolina Traffic Net utilize this repeater.  Please help support this vital repeater in Southeastern North Carolina.

Our repeater W4LBT is at 147.045 MHz (+) no tone, on the UNC-TV 31 Tower just north of Lumberton, NC. The tower is 1000 feet with the repeater antenna located at 835 feet!! The new equipment went online May 7, 1997. It is linkable with The Piedmont-Coastal Repeater Network (PCRN) for members of the group who have the prerequisite codes.   If you are not a member of PCRN we urge you to join today!