What We Do

RCARS builds, erects and maintains communications systems which are used primarily for emergency communication. It trains operators in the use of these systems and keeps them at a high level of readiness. Presently included among these systems is a volunteer network of amateur radio operators with their own equipment, a moderate range repeater which enables operators to talk throughout the county and a trailer-mounted repeater which can be carried to the scene of an emergency to establish local communications.

When need arises, these systems are put at the disposal of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), which in turn operates in conjunction with the county Office of Emergency Management, the American Red Cross, Southeastern Regional Medical Center, as well as the various fire and police services of the county. ARES has no financial structure and owns no radio equipment. It is the role of RCARS to provide financial and material backing for ARES, so that when disaster strikes, the county’s emergency communications can still get through.